character design

Character designs of different animals

Working in on character designs of different animal for Turner broadcasting project

Character design and animation of a lion.
Limited cutout animation 

Darpan is short film on dreams of a small family
Indian characters of a loving family. I Had to keep one thing in mind, the characters had to be made in clay. This became a challenge for me as I had recently learned that there should be a contrast in characters in terms of shape, size and lines. So I am not putting character turn around but the clay models of them. 

'Imp' from "Imp and the crust" 
                                     by Leo Tolstoy

"Imp and the crust" is a short film for children by Leo Tolstoy.

Imp in this story is devil's assistant who turns a good farmer into bad by giving him more grains than needed and then teaching him ways to make alcohol from it. This act of Imp impresses Devil. Now the farmer who never sinned, starts to sin, abuse and beat only because he has more than enough.  
This story is based around Russia as Leo Tolstoy was a Russian.So I took inspiration from dragon as dragons are supposed to be evil according to Russian mythology and I designed the character as a creature which could be morphed into human.
The character changes his form, he is a creature in front of the Devil and a human in front of the farmer.


Character of naughty girl who hides her books all around the house, for the tutor to play treasure hunt.
I have taken inspiration from my sister for the character of Tinni. Tinni is a very active and naughty who hides her maths books under the tutor's chair and then pretends searching for it everywhere except there.