miniature sets

Music Video's

This was a music video made by Aayushi sachdeva ( ).
We had made a miniature set for the video of a song Hey Beautiful by Solid. I was really exited by her concept of trying croma (color keying) and using miniature model as a background. It took us 3days and 3 nights to finish the set for a 2 weeks assignment. 
Check her blog:



Darpan is short film, clay animated which I made in 2 months. 
I took inspiration from my family.Darpan shows hidden desires of an individual which come out when we are alone in front of a mirror or in bathroom and how it gets suppressed unknowingly by either ourselves or through our owns.


Miniature set for the character 'Imp' from "Imp and the crust" by Leo Tolstoy.
Imp is devil's assistant who turns a good farmer into bad by giving him more grains than needed and then teaching him ways to make alcohol from it.
This story based around Russia as Leo Tolstoy was a Russian.
I took inspiration from dragon as dragons are supposed to be evil according to Russian mythology and I designed the character as a creature which could be morphed into human. The character had to be creature in front of the Devil and a human in front of the farmer.