Short Films


Contraption was a film made to explore the 3D world. I designed a character taking inspiration from a giraffe in Lucknow zoo named Anubhav. I modeled , unwraped , textured and skinned the character in my 7th semester. Later in the 8th semester we were told to make a movie in 3D. I knew I wanted to use my character and finished the movie in 2 weeks including rendering and editing.


Darpan is short film of a small family and there dreams.
It is 1 min. film made in 2 months. The pre production took 20 days, production took 30 long days and nights of summer.
I took the concept from my family. Whenever my sister stands in front of the mirror she goes into her dream world and the same happens to me.So I took this as an inspiration and used mirror as a thing which brings out hidden desires of an individual. The concept also has another face where I have tried to show that unknowingly we suppress others desires.


Stuper was a short film made in 2nd year. It was one week work shop in which we had to make a film using clay as a medium. The pre-production, production and post- production had to be finished within a week. But it got extended for 3 more days. I personally enjoyed making the film so much that I fell in in love with clay animation so the film I made after this had to be clay animation.

Adder and ladder 

This was a 1 min. film made by five of us within two weeks
We were in our 2nd year and were told to complete a film on any topic and we took the game of snakes and ladder as center of the story.