Here I come again :)


National botanical research institute 
fresh air morning walk 

 Ambedkar park

Awesome turtle which has a permanent smile called smile turtle in Kukrail reserve forest 

Visit to Somnath and Gir national forest

Shivling in the sea
devoted : ) its India every where you can find something special 

Couldn't click lions had to satisfy the soul by the roads 

 Evening sun to the way

just a random lake on the way to Junadagh

Photography competition held during Quazar, our annual college festival
we were told to taste few things and express it through photography

Karela(bitter gourd) it can shake your world upside-down and leaves an impression which lasts long

Vinegar is a thing which can freak you out and be crazy 

Oil leaves its layer all around the mouth. It is something which has no identity of its own but without it magic can not happen