Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photo paadu

Photo paadu was an NID event of photography held during RGB their annual festival
Theme was unintentional

Brief: Opposites exist in relation to each other. Good and evil are not a problem but are cosmic proportions. They were created with an intention of two instruments which can guide the souls back to their source. As human beings, we have tendencies and qualities of all the three, namely - God, humans and demons. We are a part human, part divine and part demonic. While the Gods and demons are polarized we are drawn into their battle unwillingly and made vulnerable to both. So this intentional cosmic mixture creates unintentional behavioral patterns for which we are sometimes under the control of light and sometimes dark which achieves the balance and establishes order.

Source: Brihadarnyaka Upanishad

We had to work in a team of two me an Aayushi sachdeva http://aayushis.wordpress.com/
No editing of the photographs were allowed

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