Saturday, February 2, 2013

Year has passed since my cousin got married. I had clicked loads of pictures during her wedding, had most of the fun and experienced the beauty of Kerala. For her first anniversary, I knew I had to compile all her moments and give her. So made an album for her with illustrations for every event. Every auspicious thing in Hindu's are bound to start with Ganpati and red, so is the cover of the album. 

Mehndi (henna) function of my sis Palkan was the best I ever attended. Eight to ten girls, all friends of the bride putting mehndi on each others hands. 
Check mehndi photos link

For you Palluuuuu and Adiiii :) 

Beautiful wedding of a Banarasi girl to a Mallu boy with flower and lamps all around. See the photographs here   link(Facebook) ,    link (Blog)
I made the illustrations through paper cutouts since the bride loves origami and and hand made things with earthy look and feel. 

The Puja and the Grah pravesh. Mother in law of the bride gives bride a diya (lamp), bride enters her new house with it, depicting she will bring brightness and light to her new home. 

 For more photographs of the greh pravesh link  


  1. An attractive presentation done. Do not know more technically but the cut and picture on pepper board is very nice, clean and clear & looks like simple and shower view and
    way of narrating in story… really a best gift to Pallu & Adi!

    I Like best one slide as: For you Palluuuuu and Adiiii :) wala!