Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wedding Invite


Hello all !!! 
Another one of my friends got married.

It wasn't long back when we were all doing the drunk dance in the girls hostel.
Imitating old 70's dance moves (नागिन dance) or planning a Ramayan skit for a birthday surprise. We never realised ourselves growing together, creating a new language of our own, literally a new language with a mixture of Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi words with few slangs.
Sometimes I feel the language is fading in the busy professional life. 
But when we meet, all together on rare occasions like weddings and do the drunk dance in the hotel room, the night before the wedding day. Or when our parents get confused by what do we mean, when we say ये मुझे चमका नही !
It all rushes back the crazy, don't care college attitude and the zeal to dance all night caring less of what has to be done tomorrow. The fun of being with friends and sharing each others cloths and accessories. Bitching turns from faculties to in laws, but the feeling is same. That's the best part, wedding connects all, not just the bride and groom, but it is the time when all of are together enjoying having fun with people we are not able to meet for years. 

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